Field Study

Vitazyme on Dry Beans – 2006, Cuba

Vitazyme in all applications substantially increased the yield of dry beans in Cuba during this study, the best treatment being three applications at 10, 30, and 40 days after planting (a 75% yield increase). this yield gave rise to an additional 5,784.7 pesos/acre above the control. The single 1 liter/ha rate at blossom gave the greatest return per invested peso. According to the researchers,
“1. Vitazyme, applied at 1 liter/ha over the foliage and moist soil, increased dry bean yield as compared to the untreated control, regardless of the number of applications.
2. The profits, revenues, or returns per invested peso in product and application cost was greater when only one Vitazyme application was made at the beginning of the flowering stage.”