Field Study

Vitazyme on Cowpeas – 2006, Havana, Cuba

In this Cuban cowpea study, the two Vitazyme applications at 1.5 liters/ha to the seed furrow at planting and on the foliage at early bloom provided by far the best yield increase of all treatments (+105%). This yield increase was achieved without fertilizer and Rhizobium bacteria. The next best yield increase was with the soil furrow application only (+22%). The seed soak treatment negatively affected yield and plant growth, with or without Rhizobium and fertilizer, suggesting the oversaturation of enzyme systems had been achieved with excess active agents. Crop residue levels paralleled yields, the highest being with the in-furrow treatment (+104%) and the in-furrow plus early bloom treatment (+88%). These results show that the two treatments of Vitazyme, in-furrow and early bloom, are especially effective in Cuba for promoting pea yields and crop residues for human and animal use.