Field Study

Vitazyme on Cotton – 2006, Collage Station, Texas

The replicated cotton trial in southern Texas, using four nitrogen levels and Vitazyme or no Vitazyme at each level, revealed that nitrogen uniformly increased the yield of lint, while Vitazyme also increased the lint yield (3%). While this yield increase was not significant at P=0.05, the yield indicator of “nodes above white flower” was significantly greater than the control with Vitazyme, showing the prod- uct’s potential to significantly improve yields in most situations. Nitrogen also significantly increased sev- eral leaf nutrient elements at three sampling dates, while Vitazyme also significantly increased leaf nitrogen, calcium, and zinc; there were positive interactions with nitrogen and Vitazyme for leaf nitrogen and leaf zinc.
Nodes per plant, plant height, and nodes above white flower — a figure denoting yield potential — were all significantly increased with Vitazyme, and for all three of these growth parameters there were signifi- cant positive interactions.
Fiber analyses will be completed in November of 2006 and included with future editions of this report.