Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2006, Gladewater, Texas

All treatments increased plant height above the control, and several treatments including Additive G, regular Vitazyme, and Cold Start concentrations increased height significantly above the control. The greatest height increase was 12%, with Additive G at 0.01%.
Dry matter accumulation was always increased by every treatment, with increases of from 10 to 42%. Especially effective were Additive G (0.01%) — a 42% increase — and all Cold Start concentrations (20 to 29% increases). All of these treatments were significantly greater than the control. All other Additive G concentrations increased dry matter increases significantly, as did the 0.1% regular Vitazyme treatment.
Based on this corn greenhouse study of regular and Mn-fortified Vitazyme with a somewhat Mn-deficient soil, it appears that the Mn-Vitazyme produces a slightly better yield response for corn than does regular Vitazyme. The new product may have added value when used in Mn-deficient soils.