Field Study

Vitazyme on Grass Hay – 2006, Havana, Cuba

For the establishment period:
• The application of 1.5 L/ha of Vitazyme increased yield and reduced the proportion of dead material. • The best moment to apply the product was immediately before planting: the product is applied in the furrow bottom immediately after furrow opening, and right away planting and covering is carried out.
• The dosage of Vitazyme did not influence establishment.
For the production period:
• When no fertilizer or irrigation was applied, Vitazyme increased yields.
• The best yield was reached when Vitazyme was applied 28 days after cutting, but did not differ with
the application immediately after cutting.
• When 75 kg/ha N/ha + split Vitazyme is applied after each cutting during the rainy season, similar
yields are reached as when 150 kg/ha N fertilizer is applied.