Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2006, Morris, Minnesota

Vitazyme increased corn grain yields at all but the highest nitrogen level in this west central Minnesota study. Because of high variability among plot yield values, few significant differences emerged. The reason for this variability is likely due to differences in soil moisture variability across the test area during the very hot and dry summer, although it is possible that differences in the pattern of available nitrogen could also have played a part. As a result of the drought conditions, yields were substantially reduced from normal levels in average years. It is apparent that Vitazyme produced yield increases, though not significant at P=0.10, at the 68, 118, and 168 lb/acre total nitrogen levels.  The yield increases dropped as the nitrogen levels increased, reflecting the approach towards maximum yield potential during this drought year. The 218 lb/acre treatment showed a yield reduction with Vitazyme, most likely because Vitazyme increased available nitrogen to levels beyond the optimum portion of the response curve. Soil tests were not conducted during the growing season to confirm or deny this rationale.There were no benefits gained from using Vitazyme Cold Start in this study, likely because the soil wasnot unduly cold (>50oF) at planting time.