Field Study

Vitazyme on Cherries – 2006, Appleton, New York

This cherry study with Vitazyme near Lake Ontario in New York shows the potential of the product to improve tree fruiting over consecutive years. While the Vitazyme treatment was placed on the poorer portion of the orchard, and produced considerably less total fruit (56% less) though the fruit was 4% higher per cherry — yet the second year the yield of cherries was 8% higher in the treated area than in the control. The Vitazyme treated cherries had increased in size even more than the control the second year, by 8%. The product presumably stimulated the production of more fruiting buds, rhizosphere expansion, and short and leaf growth so that by year two of the study the treated trees were able to more effectively utilize sunlight, CO2,
water, and plant nutrients than the untreated control.
The yield increase of the treated trees was actually considerably greater than the 8% benefit above the control trees in 2006 because these trees increased from a considerable yield deficit in 2005.