Field Study

Vitazyme on Papaya – 2005-Havana, Cuba

According to the Cuban researchers,

1. Under semi-controlled conditions, best results in the Maradol variety were found in mycorrhizae and
Vitazyme treatments, with more than 10 cm in 30 days. The combined mycorrhizae + Vitazyme + trichoderma treatment was also higher than the control.

2. In the Solo variety inoculation with mycorrhizae, Vitazyme application, and the combined mycorrhizae + Vitazyme + trichoderma treatments favored most seedling growth, showing values above 10 cm, and were also higher than those of the Maradol variety.

3. In both the Maradol and Solo Sunrise varieties, treatments of mycorrhizae and mycorrhizae + Vitazyme + trichoderma showed best results in stalk diameter, with values close to 4 mm, followed by Vitazyme that reached a diameter above 3.5 mm. Similar results were found in number of leaves in both varieties.