Field Study

Vitazyme on Cotton – 2003, North America

In this west Texas cotton study which compared four nematode control formulations, the nematode counts and yields were severely affected by a second planting (after hail damage of the first planting), and
excessive washing and water damage for the lower end of the field. Because of this variability there were no significant differences in nematode counts or yield among the five treatments, but Vitazyme increased yields by 4% over the control. This amounted to a $12.10/acre income increase. Na 2101 and Na 2101a slightly increased yields above the control, and Temik 15G increased yield the most, by 6% over the control. Temik increased net return by $16.88/acre, which is slightly more than the return for Vitazyme but with the problem of Temik toxicity remaining.