Field Study

Vitazyme on Strawberries – 2003, North America

This replicated strawberry trial in California proved that Vitazyme, applied to the leaves and soil, is capable of increasing the growth, yield, and quality of strawberries. In particular, the following points are emphasized:
• Harvested berry weight was increased 16%. The report said, “While this difference is not
significant at the 0.10 level of significance, it would be significant at approximately the
0.11 level.”
• Fruit brix was elevated by 0.2 unit, meaning the fruit was somewhat sweeter.
• Top growth of the plants was increased by 16%.
• Root growth of the plants was increased by 8%.
Vitazyme can assist strawberry growers to increase yields and quality to a substantial degree, and to increase income as well. According to the researcher, “Even though the combined sample weights of the Vitazyme plots weren’t statistically superior to those of the untreated control [though the trial was significant at P=0.11], farmers would use any product resulting in a 16% increase in yield.”