Field Study

Vitazyme on Soybeans – 2003, North America

This greenhouse study with soybeans proves that fertilizer addition to an infertile soil will increase the growth rate and dry matter accumulation, thus enhancing the degree of pod function earlier in the life cycle of the plant. Vitazyme has been shown in this study to interact favorably with fertilizer. While plant height and dry matter accumulation were not significantly enhanced by Vitazyme, yet the degree of pod formation was accelerated by 40% compared to the untreated plants across all three fertility levels. These results illustrate the effect of Vitazyme to enhance chlorophyll, photosynthesis, and rhizosphere microorganism development which make more nutrients available, while stimulating the physiological development of the plants as shown by earlier and more prolific pod formation. Presumably this fruiting enhancement would lead to greater bean yields if the plants were carried to maturity.

Also noticed during this study was the fact that the pods of the Vitazyme treated plants were larger than those of the untreated control plants at each fertilizer level. This effect on seed development could affect ultimate bean yield by producing more beans per pod and larger beans.