Field Study

Vitazyme on Field Beans – 2003, North America

Snap bean growth, stand count, and phytotoxicity were not closely related with final bean yield, though in some cases there were significant differences noted for various treatments. Yield responses were significantly highest and the same for three fertilizer treatments and for Vitazyme alone (26 to 35%). Vitazyme plus Na-churs Alpine 6-24-6 did not outyield Vitazyme alone. The lowest yield increase was for Nachurs Alpine 6-24-6 alone in-furrow. It is apparent from this study that Vitazyme, applied once to the seeds at planting, was able to make nutrients more available through enhanced rhizosphere activity in spite of no added fertilizers in this moderately fertile soil.

The price per ton of snap beans was determined by making a size analysis of the beans (67.5% of sieve size 1 to 4, and 32.5% of sieve size 5), and weighting the value of those bean sizes. The value of the beans was $136.94/ton.

This income analysis reveals that Vitazyme alone produced an income increase higher than any treatment except the nutrient applications of Treatments 11 and 12 (10-34-0 and 7-17-3). The low cost and high yield response of Vitazyme contributed to this excellent result.