Field Study

Vitazyme on Field Beans – 2003, North America

While there were few true differences in growth parameters among the six treatments, Vitazyme and Na-churs Alpine 6-24-6, and a combination of the two, significantly boosted bean yield above the control treatments. Of interest is the fact that a combination of the fertilizer and Vitazyme further boosted yield, a phenomenon typically noted with Vitazyme since it helps rhizosphere organisms make native and applied nutrients more available to plants.

Income analysis: The price per ton of snap beans was determined by making a size analysis of the beans (67.5% of sieve size 1 to 4, and 32.5% of sieve size 5), and weighting the value of those bean sizes. The value of the beans was $136.94/ton.

The increase in income was highest with Vitazyme alone, though Vitazyme + Na-churs Alpine 6-24-6 was a close second, followed next by the fertilizer alone. Vitazyme is thus shown to be a highly effective booster of  snap bean income in New York.