Field Study

Vitazyme on Oil Palm – 2003, Nigeria

In this replicated study on oil palm seedlings in Nigeria using two different fertilizers — one slow release (Nutripak) and one rapid release (Rustica) — Vitazyme interacted very favorably with the slow release Nutripak to increase leaf area by 35% after one year, and to increase plant fresh weight by 43%. Vitazyme alone increased leaf area by 15%, and fresh weight by 6%. The reasons for not increasing growth parameters with the rapid release Rustica may be due to the sufficiency of nutrients, so that Vitazyme could do little in this small pot environment to make more nutrients available.

According to the researchers, Dr. Utulu and Dr. Ugbah,
“1. Vitazyme boosted the activity of Nutripak and also stimulated the leaf area and fresh weight of seedlings that did not receive Rustica and Nutripak.”
“2. Visual scoring for phytotoxicity did not implicate Nutripak or Vitazyme as phytotoxic to the oil palm seedlings.”

Vitazyme has been shown in this study to be a highly effective booster of a slow release fertilizer for oil palm seedling growth. It is also very effective to be used by itself as a soil fertility and plant growth booster for the highly weathered tropical soils used in this study.