Field Study

Vitazyme on Potatoes – 2003, Central America

In this potato study near Saltillo, Mexico, Vitazyme applied three times produced remarkable increases in yield of 31% when applied fairly late in the growth cycle, and 78% when applied earlier. Increases may have been even greater if the product had been applied at or near planting as well. These very high yield increases translated into income increases of over 27,00 to nearly 57,000 pesos per hectare, with remarkable income:cost ratios of 39.7 to 73.5:1.

These two studies show the potential of Vitazyme to substantially increase the yields of potatoes grown in northern Mexico under the typically stressful conditions of high heat, compaction, low organic matter, and high calcium and mineral imbalances. This product enables plants to overcome many environmental stresses, as evidenced well in these tests.