Field Study

Vitazyme on Potatoes – 2003, Carribean

According to the researchers, “It is proposed that Vitazyme, which is a biostimulant synthesized from vegetable matter, intensifies the activity of the soil-plant system, which makes possible an increase in photosynthesis so that more carbon becomes affixed to the texture of the plant.” “Besides the noted Vitazyme economic residual effect, the beneficial residual effect of Vitazyme upon the physical and biological properties of the soil must be included, even though it was not evaluated in this trial.”

1. The application of the biostimulant Vitazyme plus 75% dosage of the recommended chemical fertilizer for this type of soil and cultivation allows for a significant and economical increase of the agriculture yield of sweet potatoes in comparison with the application of a 100% dosage. Nevertheless, with the application of
Vitazyme similar yield results are achieved as the control treatment with only 50% chemical fertilizing.

2. The combined use of the biostimulant Vitazyme, plus a dosage of 50 to 100% of the recommended chemical fertilizer, did not affect the quality (percentage of dry matter and starch) of the sweet potato.”